best excellent shop 2014The Excellent Shop contest run by Poltrona Frau to reward the best Poltrona Frau Centres and Poltrona Frau Spaces is now in its second year.

“Excellent Shop” is an award for retailers whose spaces are most in line with the style canons of the brand and whose management is consistent with the company’s guidelines and values.

In 2014 all of the Poltrona Frau Centres and Poltrona Frau Spaces on the Italian and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) markets were evaluated on the basis of objective criteria. Only the very best were awarded “Excellent Shop 2014” status, with exclusive advantages.

The three Poltrona Frau Centres and three Poltrona Frau Spaces that scored the highest marks were awarded "Excellent Shop 2014" status during “PF Day 2015” held in March at the new Poltrona Frau flagship store at 30 Via Manzoni in Milan.

The Italian winner:

1st Poltrona Frau Centre: Poltrona Frau Torino – Altagamma srl

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