New Product 2015

Assaya means to provide comfortable support, to create a pleasant sensation. It is also the act of analysing, evaluating. This is in Marathi, the native tongue of Satyendra Pakhalé, who designed the Assaya armchair for the design contest launched by Poltrona Frau to celebrate its centenary in 2012.

Assaya finally sees the light after two years of development. Assaya is a cross between the contemporary and the traditional; between the needs of an evolving society and the excellence of Poltrona Frau’s craftsmanship in processing leather and hard leather.

The backrest, viewed side on, recalls the sinuosity of a corset. Its design embraces and encapsulates an elegant combination of leather and hide, of rigid and soft elements. The external hide shell is modelled by a skilful series of cuts and stitches that give the material great ductility.

The pouf, side table and laptray are an integral part of the project and are suitable for creating formal or informal settings in relaxing or working contexts.

The structure of the backrest and armrests, comprising a single shell, is in rigid polyurethane padded with polyurethane foam and wadding. The seat is in seasoned beech wood with elastic belts and padding as for the backrest.

The armchair swivels 360° and automatically returns to its starting position.  

The upholstery is in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather for the external shell and Pelle Frau® leather for the internal surface and seat. The rim of the Cuoio Saddle Extra leather surface is embellished with elegant visible contrast stitching.

The base of armchair, footrest and sidetable is formed of an aluminium coloured painted steel plate. The sidetable structure has a single steel pedestal with moulded profile.


  • Color: Please contact us for any further information.
  • Dimensions: All measurements (cm / inch) in the catalogue.

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