Bedstead Bases

Bedstead Bases

Designed and built using the most advanced wood construction technology and created in complete respect of the environment, Frau Comfort resting surfaces ensure the perfect night's sleep. The steam pressed, bent flexible plywood slats provide the necessary elasticity to meet the demands of the prone body, enabling the spinal column to take on a physiologically correct position, whilst the muscle system benefits from natural relaxation. The slat system also guarantees that the mattress breathes at all times, making for perfect hygiene.The slats measure 36 x 8 mm and are coupled to the frame using oscillating rubber joints, which, thanks to the way in which they can be horizontally angled, adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the prone body without creaking at all. For greater comfort during rest, the shoulder area is fitted with special, highly-absorbent slat-holders. Shoulder area: the shoulders are enveloped comfortably and naturally thanks to special, high-absorption slat-holders. Lumbar area: fitted with rigidity regulators that enable the proportional use of the surface according to weight and usual sleep positions.

PADDED RIGID PLATFORM  Supporting slats multi-layered • Padding in polyurethane foam and upholstery in Poltrona Frau fabric

BASE  Stiffness adjustment in lumbar area • High absorption shoulder area

MANUAL  Can be reclined effortlessly at your discretion • Self-lubricated mechanisms • Stiffness adjustment in lumbar area • High absorption shoulder area

ELETTRA  2 extra muted low-voltage motors (24 V D.C.) • Headboard movements with articulated joint in neck area • Stiffness adjustment in lumbar area • High absorption shoulder area • Infrared control, with safety device • Emergency device for power outages


  • Color: Please contact your local retailer for a colour sample and further details on upholstery options.
  • Dimensions: ...

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